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Topic subjectRE: African vs./or African American
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23870, RE: African vs./or African American
Posted by nushooz, Fri Jun-09-00 03:39 AM
>The problem with Africans is that
>they have a very myopic
>view of America. They
>are fascinated and repelled at
>the same time. Black
>Americans in some way are
>a threat to them.
Where does this come from? For a while I've been listening to people spew the ideology that we (Black people in America)are unwanted, disliked, disrespected, etc. by our brothers and sisters that actually live in Africa. My experience has been quite the opposite. So, please tell me where does it come from?

Because if this ideology is unfounded and WRONG, it has served to be hugely & grossly DIVISIVE. People of color are not the minority in this world that the MINORITY (white men who control all of the resources) would have us beleive that we are. If we along with them can be successful in weakening us and having us beleive that there is a distrust of us amongst us then we've been TEMPORARILY defeated. Sound familiar? Can we say slave trade and "breaking" negroes?

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