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Topic subjectRE: African vs./or African American
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23869, RE: African vs./or African American
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-08-00 11:05 PM
The problem with Africans is that they have a very myopic view of America. They are fascinated and repelled at the same time. Black Americans in some way are a threat to them.

Africans (for all intent purposes in this discussion: this been a grossly generalist statement) feel that in other to maintain some credible ground they have to keep other Black groups at bay; after all colonization did happen to them and of course they still suffer from the side effects: a very serious hangover.

In some ways Africans need a severe lesson: re Ė education. It is a lesson that will do them good. African Americans on the other hand should stop bitching about it and buy a plane ticket and go and explore; donít fucking go the Bahamas instead.