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Topic subjectI want somma dis but
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23846, I want somma dis but
Posted by nushooz, Thu Jun-08-00 10:08 AM
I don't know where to start.

America belongs to me more so than anybody else here. Why? Because my ancestors built this country from the ground up - with out pay and to this day without reparations. So America is mine.

I'm claiming Africa too. There is not a place on earth where there are more people that look like me.

As for as what I want to be called... it really doesn't matter. But if I had to pick, my first choice would be Black, second would be African American. Black - because those things that Boo talked about that are indigenous to my people - those things are in my soul. "Race is skin deep but BLACK is to the soul."

African American because I lay claim to both those places.

But what of the obvious, over-asked question: "Why are Black people still debating and discussing this?"

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