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Topic subjectAmen, Boodah...
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23840, Amen, Boodah...
Posted by DivineVersatile, Fri Jun-09-00 03:44 AM
This US culture is completely unique in and of itself. When have you ever heard an Africa native saying "I'm from Africa"? Perhaps from Senegal, Nigeria, Ethiopia...but "I'm from Africa?" Never.

The reason that we (and by we I mean this country) consider ourselves as Americans is because The US is a homogenized culture with minimal variations throughout its various states. However, even within these "states"<--(which is another gem I won't get into now), Black people tend to regionalize themselves. For example, "I'm from the dirty-dirty", "WHERE BROOKLYN AT?", "We from the wild, wild 100s", etc. So to claim all of Africa, though our mother, is a gross error and another residual result from having our history snatched from us and not knowing where to begin to pick up the pieces.

The Infamous DVSJ