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23836, ironic....
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-15-00 12:30 PM
I was just viewing an email a friend of mine sent me...and it was talking about the same thing!!!

check this site out:

<http://www.seestudio.com/the n word.html>

I thought it was deep....

my thoughts is this:

Do we take the word "nigger" and use it as our own, in a whole different spin to 1)throw it back in the face of the ones who have, and those who still are using the word against people of color?-You know, put a positive spin on things; or 2)do we use it simply because it's another word we've got to identify ourselves with, so let's use the hell out of it?-unconscious of the effects that may be taking place from using the word.

My other question is, Why are we using a word that brought shame to our people in the past? Personally, I feel uneasy to hear that word come out of a Black person's mouth to describe or acknowledge another Black person. I know we have better words in the dictionary we can use. Does that mean we've accepted the word?