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Topic subjectWow, tax evasion is related to "nigger"
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23835, Wow, tax evasion is related to "nigger"
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-14-00 11:51 AM
Well, I'll be damned, Koala done hit another one (this time with Nushooz).
I was reading each post, and I liked the debate.
I noticed that Nushooz was not giving in to the "sell crack" option, despite the fact of many situations (like Ricky's) that occur.
I also laughed at Nushooz's "good sumaritan" perception of living in America, Shooz said "I'd rather be FREE!"
Now, can anybody tell me.....what's so free about having to pay taxes?
What's so free about being under the jurisdiction and scrutiny of the American government?
If not paying taxes will land you in jail, then where's the freedom in this?

Please realize this:
We are not FREE! All of us are pawns used in this American game of capitalism.
The only difference between you and that "nigger" that's in jail is that you get to move around more because there are no bars blocking you.

We all have numbers, it's just that those in prison have to wear it on their clothes.