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Posted by nahymsa, Thu Jun-15-00 04:09 AM
>There were choices to be made (Rick's)
>prior to that point.

but we were talking about the choice that was given THEN.

>So becoming a felon is the answer?

YOU ARE CURRENTLY SUPPORTING FELONS RIGHT NOW WITH YOUR TAX MONEY. what part don't you get. The current government REGULARLY breaks its own laws (not to mention moral ones). You pay then therefore you support felony. Also, if a person takes the position that selling drugs SHOULDN'T be illegal & is NOT morally wrong then it would be their moral right to break the law. Unjust laws should not be honored (that's the premise for the American Revolution & the civil rights movement).

>>is a fact that if everyone in America were to
>>be qualified there still wouldnt
>>be enough legal jobs that
>>provide a living wage...that is
>>a fact.
>Reference please.

give me time & i will provide them.

>At lease there's responsibility. It seems you >want me to conceed that Rick is not responsible in any way for his lot.

Funny how you can hold yourself unresponsible for how your tax dollars are used. You talk about morality but that premise is considered by many to be very immoral. Last time I checked, if you know or suspect that your possessions MAY be used in the commission of a crime (and we all know that the government is regularly breaking the law) THEN you are responsible (ethically at minimum) to withdraw support. You don't give your car to a person you think is just as likely to deliberately run someone over as drive themselves to work, then say, well I didn't know what she was going to do with the car.
>I like the amount of freedom that I have!


>Did you decide to quit your job today and
>go sell drugs? Rick's only choices in life were
>not made in that jail cell on that day.

I dont' sell because I don't have to, if i felt i had to I might. Rick's choices AT THAT TIME were what they were. We are not talking about every choice made at every point in his life. And we can't comment on why he felt the need to make the choices that he did since we aren't in the position that he was in, nor know all the facts about EVERY aspect of his life. We do know the fact that the CIA told him to sell drugs or go to jail & in that instance there were no other options but jail or hustlin'.

>This parrallel is an atrocity! I am SO familiar >with the Civil Rights Movement that I am floored >you comparing going to jail for the right to vote with going to jail for selling
>drugs or even tax evasion.

if you are so familiar with the civil rights movement, you would know that it wasn't just about the right to vote. Do you think the Panthers got their guns legally? Do you know how many organizations got some of their funding from the "hustlers" of our community? Do you realize that the first people to refuse to sit in the back of the bus were the prostitutes (criminals) and the most poor marginalized people of our communities?
>And since you brought up history, the American Revolutionary War was about taxation without REPRESENTATION

I'm sure the British had a different perspective on that.

>- and for wherever and whatever it is at this
>point, YOU have the opportunity or choice (boy, >there's a good word) to be a participant in your >representation.

no, you have a choice to pick out of the candidates selected for you by big business.

>And the war was a concerted effort.

The American Revolution? really, do you know American history?

>Find me some more people that have such an >effort for ummmm, what should I say....TAX >EVASION. At that time I will examine it and >then CHOOSE if I want to participate. Why don't >you get the ball rolling. Email me Federal >Prison. OK?

You got to wait on other people to examine what is wrong & do what you consider is right? I'm not the one talking about what black people can be afforded, you're casting yourself as judge & jury of who's righteous.

>>Living by your principles requires
>>real sacrifice...not just lip service.

>And I have sacrificed drug dealing
>and jail time for my

But you won't sacrifice your freedom for your principles.