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Topic subjectK (and your band of happy people)
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23831, K (and your band of happy people)
Posted by nushooz, Thu Jun-15-00 10:41 AM
I grow weary of this: It's getting old. And although, we both have made some legitimate claims, there are some things (like yourself) that I am not willing to budge on. So, these are my final words:

Nobody has to sell drugs.

We all have choices. Some of us make those choices responsibly while others make them and shirk responsibility. But MY bottom line is rather you accept responsibility or not, your lot in life is cast by the choices you - not the government- make.

The only alternative to not paying taxes is tax evasion and (if caught) jail time. That is not a choice that I am willing to make. Is anybody?

For everything the government is, it is what it is. How YOU respond to it is your choice. But know, if the choices you make are adverse to this necessary evil (Alex DeTouqville) there will more than likely be concesequences and reprecussions.

I will watch A Soilders Story once more.

There is some activity perpetrated my Black people that I beleive we could do without. And the word "Nigger" is what I will use to describe these people.

As always K, you've been a formidable opponent. I will continue to try and not kuss you :)
...until the next fight.

Live from the Shoe Sto'.....
Free to buy as many shoes as the CIA will allow before conveying some connection to Amelda...Choosing bad ass ho shoes.....Turning down Payless as a "good" place to shop for shoes....
I,I, I Can't Wait!