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23824, Yuck
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-15-00 09:56 AM
You threw that sentiment in there but want to pull it back out if I apply to contemporary terms.

One of the issues weve been dsicussing is the idea that some people are obligated to sell drugs just as you are obligated to pay taxes- to which you said "Render under Ceaser's..." as such the analgous question is- would you sell crack if ceaser told you to.

The CIA (Ceaser) gave Freeway rick two options- so would sell crack for Ceaser?

You brought him up- the situation is still the same and Freeway Rick still has a choice between the two options that youve been ducking and dodging since the beginning.

Go to prison and die or sell crack.

Those are the choices- tell me which one is a "good choice"