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Topic subjectRE: What would you have done Shooz?
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23823, RE: What would you have done Shooz?
Posted by nushooz, Thu Jun-15-00 09:40 AM
>So if Caesar told you to
>sell crack would ya do
PLEASE let's put this back into the context in which it was written -mine and the Bible's. Upon writing, it was referring to Ceasar's tax payments - not drug dealing. So this is not even a viable question.

But answer mine:
Is Freeway Rick void of responsibility for any of his actions? Perhaps the other times, I wasn't clear.

Additionally, answer this:
Is anything free?

Despite the evils of the government, do you not see ANY good things that become of your tax dollars?
EPA, good or bad? SUPREME COURT, good or bad? SBA, good or bad? Federal Student Financial Aid, good or bad?

Is the government responsible for EVERYthing and you responsible for NONE?

Yes or NO?

I,I, I Can't Wait!