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Topic subjectLet's try this
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23817, Let's try this
Posted by nushooz, Wed Jun-14-00 08:44 AM
>but there're not always simple choices
>and you know this.
>Rick as Koala mentioned was
>not given the option of
>getting a job or selling
>crack. He was told to
>SELL crack for the government
>(who works for YOU) or
>GO TO JAIL. Where is
>the job option there?
There were choices to be made prior to that point.

>Also, you're implying that everyone's opportunities
>for employment are the same.
> That is not true,
>not only are the opportunities
>different but so is pay
>for the same work.
So becoming a felon is the answer?

>is a fact that if
>everyone in America were to
>be qualified there still wouldnt
>be enough legal jobs that
>provide a living wage...that is
>a fact.
Reference please.

This system is
>dependant on the exploitation of
>the poor for survival. Yet
>you seem to be of
>the impression that working for
>a "legit" company makes you
>somehow innocent. That's selective responsibility
>at best.
At lease there's responsibility. It seems you want me to conceed that Rick is not responsible in any way for his lot.

As Koala said,
>you have a choice not
>to pay for a corrupt
>government but you do so
>so you won't go to
>jail for the likes of
Tell me, is there on line access from jail? I like the amount of freedom that I have!

>ummm...clearly racial profiling which has been
>proven shows that the police
>arbitrarily decide to enforce the
>law. That is wrong.
Completely Undisputed by Me. True True True

>of the same people &
>companies you work for &
>with are the benefits of
>this double standard.
How is that?

>LIE, why do you keep putting
>in a false choice. The
>choice presented by the CIA
TRUTH! Did you decide to quit your job today and go sell drugs? Rick's only choices in life were not made in that jail cell on that day. TRUTH!

>>I haven't condemed Rick. But I can condemn drug
>>dealing, love Rick and still go to Heaven.
>But you pay money (taxes) to
>support the drug dealers (the
>government) so what does that
>make you? The government
>sells drugs, why don't you
>take away you're part in
>their funding?
Stop paying taxes? Are you crazy? And go to
jail like Rick? What is that going to solve?

>Are you familar with American history?
>Or the Civil Rights movement,
>imagine if they took that
This parrallel is an atrocity! I am SO familiar with the Civil Rights Movement that I am floored by you comparing going to jail for the right to vote with going to jail for selling drugs or even tax evasion.

The American Revolutionaries
>refused to pay taxes and
>took the chance at going
>to jail for what was
>right. Do you lack the
>courage to back your convictions
>with real action?
I don't think you are in a position to "judge" (isn't that what this debate is about - from your stand point? or was it Koala's?) my level of courage or committment.

And since you brought up history, the American Revolutionary War was about taxation without REPRESENTATION - and for wherever and whatever it is at this point, YOU have the opportunity or choice (boy, there's a good word) to be a participant in your representation. And the war was a concerted effort. Find me some more people that have such an effort for ummmm, what should I say....TAX EVASION. At that time I will examine it and then CHOOSE if I want to participate.

>of us do, that's why
>talk is cheap. If
>all American citizens were to
>renige on paying taxes that
>would be one of the
>most effective ways to enforce
>our will on the government.
Why don't you get the ball rolling. Email me from Federal Prison. OK?

>Living by your principles requires
>real sacrifice...not just lip service.
And I have sacrificed drug dealing and jail time for my principles.

I,I, I Can't Wait!