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23816, Hold Up
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-14-00 06:28 AM
I dont want anybody to be under the misconception that I am advocating tax evasion. My mention of paying taxes is only so that we all realize that we are a part of the problem no matter how far removed we think we are from those who commit the acts that perpetuate our sitaution.

Pay your taxes if you want to - or even if you feel obligated- but recognize what your tax dolloars pay for with or without your consent. Realize ultimately that you are not in control you have only been provided a better option. If you condemn those who sell drugs- you must condemn the government that provides them and as a supporter of that government you're naturally next in line.

Im not saying dont pay taxes- Im saying paying taxes can be just as damaging to our community and if you're willing to believe drug dealing plays a part in our destruction you must admit that YOU DO TOO.

I will say this.

If you're considering that a revolution of sorts is in order and you couldnt imagine doing a little jail time for your cause then you've got a lot to learn about the history of resistance.

Serving time for tax evasion- our ancestors would have been lucky to have gotten off so easy.