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Topic subjectRE: MY issue vs YOURS
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23810, RE: MY issue vs YOURS
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-14-00 09:31 AM

>"Didn't have much of a choice"
>denotes that you will attest
>that he did have choices.

Right- prison (death) or sell crack- you said youself that one should "choose life" but apparently you cant choose life if its a life that Shooz doesnt agree with.

>So, Rick is not responsible at
>all? K, the choices
>that Rick made up until
>that time is what landed
>him in jail.

But you arent aware of the choices he made up until that point. As i remember it he was in that cell fro illegal arms dealing and that activity also took place with federal involvement. Research the Iran Contra scandal and Freeway Rick this thing runs deep- before selling crack for the government I think Rick was procuring illegal arms for export to the Contras- he was in jail cuz he sold a few of those guns to people on the street.

Thats the stuff im talking about- his choice may have been illegal but it wasnt illegal when he was doing it for the man. He only landed in jail when he decided to do something for himself.

>How many CIA agents approached you
>regarding selling drugs today?
>None for me. Maybe
>they don't have my new
>address. Why would the
>CIA be interested in me
>anyway - all I do
>is buy shoes and have
>interesting debated on line?

Thats a horrible argument- "well they dont pressure me so it must not happen" you can do better than that. The governments already got you where they need you- thanks for playing.

>True. Taxes pay their salaries.
> But they also pay
>for the Pell Grant that
>enabled me to go to
>college. They extended the
>WIC that my friend needed
>to feed her children -
>when I couldn't help.
>Taxes also paved the road
>that I used to get
>to my JOB that I
>choose to come to -
>under my own pressure -
>to pay for that hot

Right they also paid for Amadou Diallo to be shot and then set free. It also pays the salary of any redneck cop who can shoot any of the people you just mentioned and the legal defense that will probably get them off afterwards.

>thats all there is to it,

No its not- thats all you're willing to make of it. WTF difference does a pell grant make to Amadou Diallo or Malice Green or 150 cases of impropper judication in LA. I could have a pell grant in my back pocket if I try to pull it out I can still be shot. You dont realize that in your own environment as such you dont see how much of a pressure that is for our people- but imagine if you lived around teh corner from Diallo- imagine if you heard him be shot- imagine if you walk by the spot he died everyday. What if somebody told you - you have a choice- youd say great but so do they AND THEY"VE GOT GUNS!

>But we don't HAVE TO SELL

some people do- system of survival shooz until you recognize it you'll never understand

>No, I'd rather help them "get
>up" if they are interested.
> If I've played an
>indirect role in their demise,
>perhaps I can play a
>direct role in their success.
> Once again I can
>hate/abhor/dislike drug dealing (verb) and
>still love/like the dealer (noun).

>>again thats your choice- doesnt make
>>it right
>-much like dealing drugs