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Topic subjectMY issue vs YOURS
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23809, MY issue vs YOURS
Posted by nushooz, Wed Jun-14-00 09:04 AM
Just like a man K, you think you can decide MY Issue... tsk, tsk, tsk. Chauvanism is another post. Just kidding. It's all about love. Opps! Somebody (Devine) will take that the wrong way.

But back to the fight/ I mean "debate":

>You have ducked the issue at
>hand since the very first
>time Ive brought it up
>and have gone about all
>this disconcerting questioning to no
>Your belief seems to be that
>people have the choice to
>not sell drugs but I
>gave you a very specific
>example where Freeway Rick didnt
>have much of a choice.
"Didn't have much of a choice" denotes that you will attest that he did have choices.
>lets try this again
>The CIA gave Rick two choices
>go to prison (where we
>will find a way to
>have you killed) or sell
>crack for us.
>Those are the choices- we're not
>dealing in Ricks life previous
>to this moment but even
>then there are far too
>many mitigating circumstances to place
>blame on him even then.
So, Rick is not responsible at all? K, the choices that Rick made up until that time is what landed him in jail.

>You act as if people are
>not pressured into drug dealing
How many CIA agents approached you regarding selling drugs today? None for me. Maybe they don't have my new address. Why would the CIA be interested in me anyway - all I do is buy shoes and have interesting debated on line?

>but the fact is they
>are and YOU pay the
>guys that provide that pressure-
True. Taxes pay their salaries. But they also pay for the Pell Grant that enabled me to go to college. They extended the WIC that my friend needed to feed her children - when I couldn't help. Taxes also paved the road that I used to get to my JOB that I choose to come to - under my own pressure - to pay for that hot water.

thats all there is to it, Koala.
>Choices choies- everybody has choices but
>The American system is the
>purveyor of those choices and
>while it appreciates your support
>it could not profit without
>a great number of our
>people selling drugs on its

>Apparently youd rather look down on
>people who are less fortunate
>than to examine how much
>of a role you play
>in their misfortune.
No, I'd rather help them "get up" if they are interested. If I've played an indirect role in their demise, perhaps I can play a direct role in their success. Once again I can hate/abhor/dislike drug dealing (verb) and still love/like the dealer (noun).

>again thats your choice- doesnt make
>it right
-much like dealing drugs

I,I, I Can't Wait!