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23808, RE: Lemme try this
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-14-00 08:35 AM
You have ducked the issue at hand since the very first time Ive brought it up and have gone about all this disconcerting questioning to no end.

Your belief seems to be that people have the choice to not sell drugs but I gave you a very specific example where Freeway Rick didnt have much of a choice.

lets try this again

The CIA gave Rick two choices go to prison (where we will find a way to have you killed) or sell crack for us.

Those are the choices- we're not dealing in Ricks life previous to this moment but even then there are far too many mitigating circumstances to place blame on him even then.

You act as if people are not pressured into drug dealing but the fact is they are and YOU pay the guys that provide that pressure- thats all there is to it Shooz.

Choices choies- everybody has choices but The American system is the purveyor of those choices and while it appreciates your support it could not profit without a great number of our people selling drugs on its behalf. If you dont like it - fine - but you're paying for it- thats your choice.

Apparently youd rather look down on people who are less fortunate than to examine how much of a role you play in their misfortune.

again thats your choice- doesnt make it right