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Topic subjectLemme try this
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23807, Lemme try this
Posted by nushooz, Wed Jun-14-00 07:59 AM
Long time ago, in a place familiar to us all, Freeway Rick was posed with the option of going to school, working at Burger King, Committing suicide, Selling drugs, Being a Dog Catcher, etc. From all those wonderful routes, he choose to sell crack.

Selling crack wasn't just a decision that he made in that jail cell. He made it long before then. And as a consequence, he ended up having to make another decision: Sell some more crack or be in jail.

This is my point. Ya dig? Do you understand THIS point?

>>Getting a job or selling crack
>>is EVERYONE's choice.
>Righte but getting a job is
>not always a readily available
>option and those circumstances it
>is quite often that selling
>crack is a more viable

(A) I can not buy the idea that your only means of providing for your self is selling drugs. I will agree with you that Rick didn't have my family directing him to college or cheering on his accomplishments as a child or his mother as his best friend. But he did have a choice. And to say that selling crack is viable option, is a slap in the face to those folks your freind(nayhma, sorry) make reference to in the Civil Rights Movement.

The KEY item of
>that is to realize who
>provides those opportunities.
So, were the choices you made in life completely at the whim or the allowance of this system that you talk about?

>Now Rick is a known Felon
>and at the time of
>this turning point in his
>life he had no address.
>On those premises alone the
>"get a job" option is
>not all that reasonable.
>now the KEY is to understand
>who made it that way-
>was it Rick?
Yes. Rick was not born a known felon. See (A)
Are you relenquishing the responsibility of all of YOUR choices to those who you say "made it that way"?

>It depends on where you are-
>but you cant ascribe that
>percpetion throughout the land. 150
>cases pending in LA on
>the basis of systematic and
>wrongful judication- 150 CASES. Demonstrating
>the idea that in some
>sections of this country people
>are arbitraily picked to go
>to ail- its called racial
I won't argue that racial profiling doesn't exist. I know that it does. But there are at least a billion other people in this country that aren't incarcerated. I can count as least 2 right here. But let me ask you this: Do you live your life at the threat of racial profiling, ging to work(or school or wherever) thinking that the police are going to kick the door down and take you to jail because you fit some profile? Or do you go about your business each day taking for granted the security of your "right-ness"?

>the KEY is still the same-
>if this is how it
>is- then who is making
>it that way. not Rick.
See (A)

>You dont know what opportunities Rick
>had. If Im not mistaked
>he was an abandoned crack
>baby that was shuffled from
>foster care for his adolescent
>years and served his juvenile
>years in detention. Even if
>that aint Rick's exact biography
>that is a biography that
>is shared by many people.
And one of those people could be me. You don't know either. Is that an excuse?
>Think about it- predisposed to adiction
>from birth subjected to underprivliged
>communities and poverty throughout your
>life; whatever menial job you
>can find probably wont allow
>you to afford living much
>less leisure as such-
I ain buying that either. I know people from my hometown who raised 5 children and supported a wife off of practically nothing. I know a woman that works at Kmart making 6.50 an hour who pays her bills & barely eats. But she hasn't made the choice to sell crack or anything else.
Am I to beleive that Rick hold NO responsibility for his situation?

>opportunity is not the same
>as what is to be
>expected for the american system
>and the american system although
>a major burden on such
>lifestyles offers very little to
>resolve the situation.

>What Im telling you is that
>both those jobs are provided
>by the US government and
>while you condemn Rick for
>making his choice you revel
>in the fact that youve
>been lucky enough to follow
>along the "conscienable" path
I CHOOSE this path. Others were available. But I choose THIS one. "A road diverged....I choose the one....."

>provided by the exact same
>beast thats been dogging our
>people (and Rick) since day
>one- the same beast that
>walked in on Rick's jail
>cell and gave him the
>choice to sell crack.
See (A)

>I dont know where you live
>but here in america the
>government imports drugs into our
I don't dispute that

and then applies unconscienable
>pressure on our people to
>sell it amongst ourselves.
I dispute this. See (A)

>only way to avoid it
>is to find a good
>paying job in the mastas
>house and then pay him
>taxes so he can keep
>feeding our people poison then
>we can cast judgement and
>doubt on those po lil
>field niggas out there that
>dont know no better cuz
>that makes us feel better
>cuz we know damn well
>that we're living in the
>same shackles.
It's about choices.

>I m not here to give
>you an alternative to paying
>taxes- you keep trying to
>take it there.
Because YOU keep bringing it up.

Im challenging
>your condemnation of your people.
Once again, I dislike/abhore/hate drug DEALING (Verb); I can still love/like/pray for THE DEALER (Noun)

>If you pay your taxes
>like a good citizen then
>your moral standing is besmirched
>by the conduct of th
>government you support.
>The government obligates you to pay
>your taxes
>The government obligates others to sell
See (A)

>You cant blame the dealers for
>what theyve been obligated to
>do because you've absolved yourself
>from the guilt of your
>own obligations- unless you're willing
>to admit that its a
>blatant double standard.
See (A)

I,I, I Can't Wait!