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Topic subjectHey, K! I'm down here...
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23805, Hey, K! I'm down here...
Posted by nushooz, Wed Jun-14-00 03:44 AM
This will be my last entry in this dicussion. I conceed the "last word" to you. Prove me wrong by not responding :)
Our debate has drawn a little attention.

Now, back to the fight....

Getting a job or selling crack is EVERYONE's choice.

Yes, Yes, Yes Rick's actions and behaviors dictated his choices - For instance:
I need hot water in my crib. Electricty is not free (unless somebody gives me a wind-mill) It costs money. In order to get the money, I could:
A-Get a job; Get paid; Pay Power Co.
B-Sell crack; Get paid; Pay power co.
NOTHING in life is FREE; We choose how we pay!

Yes, people are wrongfully incarcerated BUT people are rightfully incarcerated. I know far more people that choose to work until retirement w/out wrongfull incarceration than I know people who the police just pick to arbitrarily go to jail.

We all have mitigating circumstances. But with my past and my emotional luggage and bad childhood, I bring my ass to work everyday. Rick had the same opportunity: Work or Sell drugs. Rick and I both could have been ensnared. I choose to work; he could have too. And for all you know, I may have sold drugs and have now choosen something else: WORK

I haven't condemed Rick. Only God can do that. But I can condemn drug dealing, love Rick and still go to Heaven. Aint God good?

Stop paying taxes? Are you crazy? And go to jail like Rick? What is that going to solve? Turn the light down on your computer; too much glare; it's affecting you in a "taxing" way. I dont know where you live, but here in America we pay taxes w/ few exceptions. And the only way to avoid it is JAIL or LEAVE. And I like it here-FREE! And if you know how to avoid this tax paying thing, tell me.

Live and FREE from the Shoe Sto'
I,I, I Can't Wait!