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Topic subjectI'll take it from the hip hop view..
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23800, I'll take it from the hip hop view..
Posted by colourboy, Sun Jun-11-00 01:18 PM
I know that we as rapper or even mcees are today using the word nigga too much and too losely. We are people as well as "artist" but at the same token we have more power than just a around da way cat. Because we have the power and the chance to reach thousands to millions with a message and the most frequently used word we use is nigga. We see people from around the world using it all nationalites that listen to hip hop. And well they figure its the american way and it must be cool to say so I'll say it to. Then some of us as artist when raised the question about how we feel about a little Japanese kid or Hispanic kid goin around sayin nigga. We say " well that just shows me that music is touching people and they feel how I feel." I say that is ridiculous. I've heard rappers say "I'm the smart nigga, the ultimate nigga, the best nigga alive, or even I'll be a nigga for life and thats just reality". And I swear that white people are loving it. They see us hangin us wit our own rope and blacks see it as disrespectful. This is not apart of us but a nightmare of our past. We as mcees act like we can't rhyme without sayin nigga. That is all shock value(as well as curse words) and if you can't make it without sayin it then don't rhyme. 'Cause you killing music and music is us so u your killing us. Dead the word.