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Topic subjectAdolph's character was supposed to be offensive
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23798, Adolph's character was supposed to be offensive
Posted by nahymsa, Fri Jun-09-00 12:36 PM
The whole point of that play was to show that we can't afford to have blacks who think they aren't included in that "nigga" group. That they can transcend the word "nigga" by behavior when behavior was never behind why we were disrespected with the term in the first place.

Whites didn't coin the phrase because of what we do but because of WHO we are - represented by the skin we're in.

When you (speaking generally) look at the next black man and call him a nigga - associating a physical characteristic with "negative" behavior that could come from any body of any color - then you are thinking just like the white racists the "niggas" are embarassing you in front of.