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Topic subjectRE: K, if that's the ONLY problem you see
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23795, RE: K, if that's the ONLY problem you see
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-13-00 11:08 AM

>No, K. The choice was
>getting a regular job, making
>an honest living or selling
>the drugs that got him
>in that situation in the
>first place.

NO NO NO - those may be your choices but he had two- with the CIA operatives staring him in the face he had two choices- 10-15 in prison (and the potential threat of being killed for what he knows) or sell crack.

you cant write other options into his situation then claim he had other choices.

>At some point we all got
>to pay the piper.
>Rick's action dictated his choices.

NO NO NO- the CIA dictated his choices.

>Every damn day! 8 am
>to 5 pm. I
>am here. My choice.
> Who can arrest/incarcerate me
>for working?

UMMM- any police dept actually. you could even be shot for holding a wallet. I understand this "Im a model citizen" schtick but we all know that even model citizens get the shaft (literally if you're in new york) as such you cant necessarily say that all those on the "wrong side of the law" deserve to be there or even chose to be.

>I make a choice EVERY DAMN
>DAY! Work or Starve.
> Work or Steal.
>Work or Perish. These
>are my choices K.
>And I feel certain that
>Rick had the same choices.

yes but you cant be certain of the circumstances mitigating those choices. again- we're down to two choices in this particular case; prison or crack.

> By being up in
>this peice every day, I
>choose not to go to

so did he- see how close you two are.

>You and I make choices every
>day. And unless there
>is on-line access from the
>jail cell, then I would
>be correct in assessing that
>neither of our choices ended
>us up in jail.

My point is- no matter what my choice is Im not very far from jail depending on what the system and its proponents see fit to do with me. Rick may have been ensnared at age 9- could you blame him for being impressionable at that point- no. I could leave work today and get busted on a mistaken identity- i could be shot. Under those circumstances seeing as the American system is more apt to make errors against me and my people i think Id rather rally along the side of my people- that is my choice. I dont have to sell drugs- but i dont have to condemn or judge people who do- now thats being good.

>I got a pretty good
>idea on what is.
>And me getting into heaven...Good
>Lord....one of those heavenly doors
>will be opened by me
>loving my neighbor as He
>has loved me. If
>I'm selling my neighbors crack,
>I aint lovin them.

When you judge and condemn that neighbor are you loving him? You know God doesnt impart the entitlement of judgement for you to purvey; if you're going to bring God in this you're on the wrong side.

>I'm not saying that they aren't
>guilty. What I'm saying
>is that "today I set
>before you life and death...choose
>life" (Somewhere in the Bible.
> if pushed I can
>get book, chapter and verse)

Again- between the choices of being imprisoned by people who would have killed him and selling crack- Rick still chose life.

>nor you or I have
>to directly participate in the
>demise of our people -
>by drug sale or use.

Then stop paying your taxes- your taxes fund the systematic imposition of state over our lives and the history of this governments policies as well as several current examples make it clearly the culprit behind the "demise of our people"- by paying your taxes you willfuly participate in that demise and then you front cuz you claim you're doing what you're supposed to- you're doing what the murderers of our people obligate you to do- and drug dealers follow opportunities set forth by the exact same people- you're running yourself around in circles here.

>Bold is my middle name.
>But what is your answer
>to the tax thing?
>Tax Evasion, Anarchy, What? Hell
>yeah I pay the taxes!
> For once and for
>all, What are you suggesting?

Im suggesting that before you cast all this condemnation about people who you presume are contributing to the destruction of our community you take a good hard look at the system you support and tell me how you are any more innocent than anyone.

You cant

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. The American government is a major problem- we are a part of that government.

If you're willing to demonstrate who our people can somehow not afford- who among us could cast the first stone? Its gotta be the Shooz- cuz she takes no part in this... (unless of course they tell her she has to).