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Topic subjectRE: K, if that's the ONLY problem you see
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23794, RE: K, if that's the ONLY problem you see
Posted by nushooz, Tue Jun-13-00 10:44 AM
>Again- the choices were 10-15 getting
>raped at the state pen
>or selling a drug that
>was already on the streets
No, K. The choice was getting a regular job, making an honest living or selling the drugs that got him in that situation in the first place.

>in a manner that would
>make it more accessible that
>had already been developped and
>would have made it to
>the streets with or without
>Rick- surely the nature of
>the device was not of
>his doing how then can
>he be held accountable for
At some point we all got to pay the piper. Rick's action dictated his choices.

> Its troubling that Rick be
>condemned for his choices but
>the choices you make that
>foster the exact same circumstances
>are absolved as you think
>you are beholden to those
Every damn day! 8 am to 5 pm. I am here. My choice. Who can arrest/incarcerate me for working?

Can you imagine someone
>choosing to go to prison
>under those circumstances
I make a choice EVERY DAMN DAY! Work or Starve. Work or Steal. Work or Perish. These are my choices K. And I feel certain that Rick had the same choices. By being up in this peice every day, I choose not to go to prison.

(think about
>it shooz- the CIA asks
>you to be a government
>endorsed drug dealer and you
>turn them down for the
>better option of a prison
>sentence- that may be noble
>but I gurantee you he
>wouldnt have lasted a week-
You're right there. I've seen those prison flip-flops. I don't like em.

>the CIA doesnt like loose
>strings)? Maybe it wasnt a
>good choice- but apparently he
>wasnt given a good choice
>to pick from- thats what
>you need to understand.
You and I make choices every day. And unless there is on-line access from the jail cell, then I would be correct in assessing that neither of our choices ended us up in jail.

>But you thats not what being
>good is based on- neither
>is being good based on
>the premise of how bad
>somebody else is. You aint
>gettin into heaven pointin at
>Pookie's drug habit.
No, that's not what being good is based on. But I got a pretty good idea on what is. And me getting into heaven...Good Lord....one of those heavenly doors will be opened by me loving my neighbor as He has loved me. If I'm selling my neighbors crack, I aint lovin them.

>See thats the point of discontent-
>if you say nothing good
>comes from drug sales then
>the american government is more
>guilty than anybody on the
>planet- as such NOTHING GOOD
I'm not saying that they aren't guilty. What I'm saying is that "today I set before you life and death...choose life" (Somewhere in the Bible. if pushed I can get book, chapter and verse)
WE ALL HAVE CHOICES! Rick, nor you or I have to directly participate in the demise of our people - by drug sale or use.

Thats a bold statement
>to make but since you're
>so willing to deal in
>absolutes in terms of what
>you consider questionable behavior we
>all must be held accountable
>to that judgement. As willing
>participants in the American system
>(whether you're selling drugs or
>paying taxes) we are guilty
>and obliged to stop this.
Bold is my middle name. But what is your answer to the tax thing? Tax Evasion, Anarchy, What? Hell yeah I pay the taxes! For once and for all, What are you suggesting?

I,I, I Can't Wait!