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Topic subjectRE: K, if that's the ONLY problem you see
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23793, RE: K, if that's the ONLY problem you see
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-13-00 10:17 AM
>with my argument, then I have
>made some progress TODAY

I was stepping back to see what you and Nah had to say. Love a good cat fight (cmon now it was a joke sheesh ;-)

>Rick made a choice. In
>terms of the number of
>people that it harmed and
>the very nature of crack
>cocaine, I venture to say
>that it was not a
>good choice. "Getting by"
> That's that fiscal and
>physical detachment that I said
>that Black folk can not

Again- the choices were 10-15 getting raped at the state pen or selling a drug that was already on the streets in a manner that would make it more accessible that had already been developped and would have made it to the streets with or without Rick- surely the nature of the device was not of his doing how then can he be held accountable for it?

Its troubling that Rick be condemned for his choices but the choices you make that foster the exact same circumstances are absolved as you think you are beholden to those choices. Can you imagine someone choosing to go to prison under those circumstances (think about it shooz- the CIA asks you to be a government endorsed drug dealer and you turn them down for the better option of a prison sentence- that may be noble but I gurantee you he wouldnt have lasted a week- the CIA doesnt like loose strings)? Maybe it wasnt a good choice- but apparently he wasnt given a good choice to pick from- thats what you need to understand.

>K, I gotta lot of crosses
>to bear. Some of them
>light...some of them heavy.
>At this point and time,
>selling drugs is not one
>of them. And if
>the only factor for determining
>if I was a good
>person was based on that,
>then the answer is that

But you thats not what being good is based on- neither is being good based on the premise of how bad somebody else is. You aint gettin into heaven pointin at Pookie's drug habit.

>We both know nothing good comes
>from drug sale or use.
> Can't we agree on
>that as well? (come
>one now....we're (you and I)
>are having such a good
>day ;-)

See thats the point of discontent- if you say nothing good comes from drug sales then the american government is more guilty than anybody on the planet- as such NOTHING GOOD COMES OUT OF THE US GOVERNMENT. Thats a bold statement to make but since you're so willing to deal in absolutes in terms of what you consider questionable behavior we all must be held accountable to that judgement. As willing participants in the American system (whether you're selling drugs or paying taxes) we are guilty and obliged to stop this.