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Topic subjectK, if that's the ONLY problem you see
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23792, K, if that's the ONLY problem you see
Posted by nushooz, Tue Jun-13-00 09:09 AM
with my argument, then I have made some progress TODAY :)

>a big problem i se with
>your argument is that apparently
>the closest characterization of a
>drug dealer you can come
>to terms with is Nino
>Brown. Unfortunately narcotic situations get
>a little more complex than
>New Jack City would demonstrate.
And you know what, K? While I find your rebuttle amusing I can still agree with you on that. By no means do I think so. Nino Brown is a drug dealers characterization in a general sense that I think most people can relate to.

>i alreadye xplained the case of
>freeway Rick to you- who
>is the closest thing you
>will find to Nino Brown
>in the real world-
And I thank you for increasing my knowledge of real life drug pins :)
I live such a sheltered life ;-)
>would you conclude his choice
>was when CIA operatives obliged
>him to sell the first
>crack rocks the world had
>ever seen.
Rick made a choice. In terms of the number of people that it harmed and the very nature of crack cocaine, I venture to say that it was not a good choice. "Getting by" That's that fiscal and physical detachment that I said that Black folk can not "afford".

>I understand your position but if
>you think this world is
>as easy as- they sell
>drugs they're bad/ i dont
>so im not bad- then
>thats where the dispute is
K, I gotta lot of crosses to bear. Some of them light...some of them heavy. At this point and time, selling drugs is not one of them. And if the only factor for determining if I was a good person was based on that, then the answer is that I'm DAMN GOOD.

We both know nothing good comes from drug sale or use. Can't we agree on that as well? (come one now....we're (you and I) are having such a good day ;-)

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