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Topic subjectRE: so if I called you a nigga, its not a problem
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23791, RE: so if I called you a nigga, its not a problem
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-13-00 08:25 AM

>I don't sell drugs to get
>by. And a whole
>lot of other people that
>I know don't do that
>either. Are we rare?
> I don't think so.
> If the government chooses
>to poison group of people,
>we are not forcibly charged
>with helping them. And
>if you do so, I
>have chosen to call you

a big problem i se with your argument is that apparently the closest characterization of a drug dealer you can come to terms with is Nino Brown. Unfortunately narcotic situations get a little more complex than New Jack City would demonstrate.

i alreadye xplained the case of freeway Rick to you- who is the closest thing you will find to Nino Brown in the real world- what would you conclude his choice was when CIA operatives obliged him to sell the first crack rocks the world had ever seen.

I understand your position but if you think this world is as easy as- they sell drugs they're bad/ i dont so im not bad- then thats where the dispute is arising.