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Topic subjectRE: so if I called you a nigga, its not a problem
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23790, RE: so if I called you a nigga, its not a problem
Posted by nushooz, Tue Jun-13-00 08:16 AM
>when whites call you a niggas
>then its cool, right?
I NEVER said that. In fact, my contention is that the word is negative - even when I use it. I use it to describe those "unaffordable" negroes that I thought this particular debate was based on.

>Based on your other posts, you
>pay taxes, money used to
>push drugs into our community
>(Iran/Contra)? Therefore you support
>drug dealing by directly supporting
>the government, how are you
>then different from the brothas
>hustlin' on the corner? You
>support through your money, a
>government that has admitted to
>(and continues to) active involvement
>in destroying our efforts to
>succeed. And apparently had hands
>in killing our leaders &
>destroying our communities time &
>time again.
What is the alternative? Tax Evasion and Anarchy? Hell no, I don't play an active part is any misuse and mis-doing. When those taxes leave my check, the only control I exert is at the ballot box and in voicing my opinion to the people that supposedly represent me - when the $$ is dispersed.
The difference betweem me & Nino Brown, is that I gotta a damn job-a real job. My coming to work everyday harms no one directly. Moreover, I make a conscientious decision to come here everyday instead of what seems to me the obvious alternative. That is the difference between me & Nino.
And again on this tax thing... Once again I say "Render onto Ceasar that which is Ceasars. I'm not saying Ceasar is a saint or even the best of "Ceasars" but what I am saying is that in this country and at this time, I PAY TAXES & so do you if you live here. And if you know a way out, let me know - short of moving. (I like it here)

Who's army
>are you fighting for when
>you pay the money that
>buys the guns to shot
>the Diallos & Dorismonds in
>the back & falsely imprison
>many of our men,
>in order to get by
>and avoid imprisonment yourself?
So, what is your alternative? Ceasar is what he is. Where do you live? Aren't you avoiding imprisionment?

>Really where does turning a blind
>eye & doing what you
>have to to get by
>turn into culpability?
I don't sell drugs to get by. And a whole lot of other people that I know don't do that either. Are we rare? I don't think so. If the government chooses to poison group of people, we are not forcibly charged with helping them. And if you do so, I have chosen to call you "nigga"

>is right were your participation
>in the negativity ends?
Where my viable choices end? Yes

>Its easy to draw lines
>of morality & standards in
>such a way that you're
>always on the good side
>of the line.
Once again that (where I draw my lines) is based on my own personal standards. I ain always on the good side, but most of the time - just like Nino - I know where I am.

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