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Topic subjectso if I called you a nigga, its not a problem
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23788, so if I called you a nigga, its not a problem
Posted by nahymsa, Tue Jun-13-00 07:07 AM
when whites call you a niggas then its cool, right?

Based on your other posts, you pay taxes, money used to push drugs into our community (Iran/Contra)? Therefore you support drug dealing by directly supporting the government, how are you then different from the brothas hustlin' on the corner? You support through your money, a government that has admitted to (and continues to) active involvement in destroying our efforts to succeed. And apparently had hands in killing our leaders & destroying our communities time & time again. Who's army are you fighting for when you pay the money that buys the guns to shot the Diallos & Dorismonds in the back & falsely imprison many of our men, in order to get by and avoid imprisonment yourself?

Really where does turning a blind eye & doing what you have to to get by turn into culpability? Is is right were your participation in the negativity ends? Its easy to draw lines of morality & standards in such a way that you're always on the good side of the line.