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Topic subjectRE: ma...can we afford a
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23787, RE: ma...can we afford a
Posted by nushooz, Tue Jun-13-00 04:40 AM
>there are those blacks who would
>ask that.
>I'm not trying to insult, just
>point out that that those
>with different philosophies about how
>to approach our situation might
>see YOU as part of
>the problem. Its real
>easy to caste judgement, how
>easy is it to be
>judged and by who's standards?
When using the n word? My own standards. And I set those standards based on what expect from myself. I'm not expecting anything from those "unaffordable niggas" that I speak of, that I wouldn't expect from myself. If I get into some ish that inables me from looking at myself, then I have just become one of those "unaffordable niggas".
Is it that hard to incorporate pride and morals into your everyday living and expectations?

Those cats who were
>associated with M.O.V.E or some
>of those FOI types might
>see you as one of
>the lost nigga & think
>that you are expendable. Its
>all relative.
Relativity? True. But if you're going to question relativity, then does it matter what I call these people?

>I think we have to be
>very clear who our enemies
>are & they're not all
>the ones hustlin on the
Why not? Whose army are they fighting in?

They could just as
>easily be the ones who
>walk PAST a child in
>trouble, spent money on a
>new ride or sorority enrollment
>instead of giving it up
>for the kids. Some would
>say that if you're not
>helping you're hurting.
And if you're not a part of the solution, you're part of the problem. No doubt!

>I think the key to our
>progress is love & that
>includes loving the least among
>us. Its real easy to
>love the best.
No doubt here either. But my philosophy dictates love of the do-er and not the deed. Not to say that you dispute that. Suffice to say that we can all loathe child abuse and find love for the abuser; or that we hate drug addiction and still love the addict; or that the dealing drugs is "unaffordable" while praying salvation for a drug dealer's soul necessary.

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