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Topic subjectma...can we afford a "nigga" like you?
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23786, ma...can we afford a "nigga" like you?
Posted by nahymsa, Tue Jun-13-00 04:14 AM
there are those blacks who would ask that.

I'm not trying to insult, just point out that that those with different philosophies about how to approach our situation might see YOU as part of the problem. Its real easy to caste judgement, how easy is it to be judged and by who's standards? Those cats who were associated with M.O.V.E or some of those FOI types might see you as one of the lost nigga & think that you are expendable. Its all relative.

I think we have to be very clear who our enemies are & they're not all the ones hustlin on the corner. They could just as easily be the ones who walk PAST a child in trouble, spent money on a new ride or sorority enrollment instead of giving it up for the kids. Some would say that if you're not helping you're hurting.

I think the key to our progress is love & that includes loving the least among us. Its real easy to love the best.