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Topic subjectRE: K, talk with me
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23785, RE: K, talk with me
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-12-00 05:39 AM

>K, drug dealers of color that
>sell drugs to people of
>color.... can we afford them?

Yes- just as much as we can afford a government that imports those drugs into our communities and sells them to the dealer. If you pay taxes- you afford them.

>Drug & Alcohol Addict mothers than
>bring Black babies into the
>world with yet another infirmity...
>can we afford them?

Yes- as well as the alcohol and tobacco companies that enslave these people to addiction and then hide behind the government when it comes time to be held accountable; shutting down welfare and assistance for problems that THEY have caused.

>Brothers & Sisters consummed by their
>own greed and self importance
>who are physically & fiscally
>detached from the people on
>whose shoulder they stood....can we
>afford them?

It depends on who you're talking about- lots of people fit this mode. Many rich Black republicans would claim it is the jiggy players that do this, thug niggas would claim its the bourgeoise- who should be the judge of whom we cant afford?

>I attached "nigger" to these people
>- by my own definition
>-that happens to fall in
>with the same one that
>I used from A Soilders

Thats your perogative- but have you come up with any words to demonstrate such derisiveness to the system that caused these situations? Probably not. Dont blame the wolf.

>This I think I can get
>with. The word still holds
>negative conotations - by most
>people. I don't beleive
>that's changed.

And it holds positive conotations for others- you dont have to believe it. the tripped out thing is that you hear the examples loud and clear but you're so sure of your negative conotations that you not accepting it. When DMX says He loves his niggas- is that really negative?

>Why should we? Isn't this
>just like the examples that
>you and your cohort (sorry
>I fogot his/her name) about
>"shit" And maybe I
>should go back. But what
>I understood is that in
>most cases if you say
>shit, it's still shit.

I disputed that in saying- thats its a common colloquial term to have good shit- in the case of smoking weed Good Shit is in no way negative- hence the connotations of supposedly negative terms can still be positive under different applications.

>Or is it that Black people
>have brought new meaning to
>it by saying THE SHIT
>and we should be proud?
> I really want to
>understand where you at.
>Help a sistah out!
>And them maybe I can
>move on.

I think that sufficed. Now that you understand the colloquialism "good shit" are you saying i should stop smoking the good shit cuz somebody elses connotation of shit means its bad?