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Topic subjectK, talk with me
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23784, K, talk with me
Posted by nushooz, Mon Jun-12-00 05:18 AM
>"At that point it signified just
>that - people of color
>that our race of people
>can't afford."
>I just cant abide by the
>idea that there are people
>among us that our community
>cant "afford"

K, drug dealers of color that sell drugs to people of color.... can we afford them?

Drug & Alcohol Addict mothers than bring Black babies into the world with yet another infirmity... can we afford them?

Brothers & Sisters consummed by their own greed and self importance who are physically & fiscally detached from the people on whose shoulder they stood....can we afford them?

I attached "nigger" to these people - by my own definition -that happens to fall in with the same one that I used from A Soilders Story.

and i cant
>abide by a definition that
>is offered by a nazi
>as if it is somehow
>more true than the sentiments
>that Blacks have charged that
>word with.
This I think I can get with. The word still holds negative conotations - by most people. I don't beleive that's changed.

>It bothers me that we're so
>against the word and what
>it has meant but we're
>not willing to honor the
>changes that blacks have brought
>to the meaning-
Why should we? Isn't this just like the examples that you and your cohort (sorry I fogot his/her name) about "shit" And maybe I should go back. But what I understood is that in most cases if you say shit, it's still shit.
Or is it that Black people have brought new meaning to it by saying THE SHIT and we should be proud? I really want to understand where you at. Help a sistah out! And them maybe I can move on.

I,I, I Can't Wait!