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Topic subjectRE: I think WE NEED a line
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23777, RE: I think WE NEED a line
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-12-00 10:06 AM

>Besides I don't know if
>the jail computers have online
>access. Who would choose
>jail time over on line
>time? It maybe a
>choice, but for me, not
>a good one.

Oh so you support the government for the sake of your convenience? thats mighty noble of you Shooz.

>Man, K, there are LOT of
>people that are arrested EVERYDAY
>that should be. You
>are absolutely right whereby Amadou
>did not have a choice.
> However, these Nino Brown
>"Niggas" do.

Ok then- lets look at Freeway Rick (the real life Nino Brown) facing 10-15 in th state Pen CIA operatives approached him and gave him a deal- do the 10-15 or sell cocaine imported in direct correlation with the Contras. As a result Rick took the deal formulated and sold crack- His choice was do that or do 15 years - what would you have done?

>You made me smile here.
>And to think, I didn't
>think that you "read all
>of my posts" :D

of course I do- know your enemy right?

>^Just joking, K. I don't
>wanna fight with you TODAY
>:D Maybe tommorrow.

see you then