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Topic subjectRE: I think WE NEED a line
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23776, RE: I think WE NEED a line
Posted by nushooz, Mon Jun-12-00 09:51 AM
>>And by the way....., "When in
>>Rome, do as the Romans
>>do." Moreover, "Render onto
>>Ceasar that which is Ceasars."
>> Taxes? How much
>>choice to I have?
>you dont have to pay taxes-
>you are obliged to. You
>could just as easily chose
>not to-
AND GO TO JAIL FOR TAX EVASION? No Way! Besides I don't know if the jail computers have online access. Who would choose jail time over on line time? It maybe a choice, but for me, not a good one.

just as any
>brother could chose not to
>use or sell drugs- they
>still do as they are
>also OBLIGED.
>Did Amadou Diallo have control? No
>Amadou Diallo had a wallet
>and a sparse knowledge of
>the English language and dark
>skin. that equals got to
Man, K, there are LOT of people that are arrested EVERYDAY that should be. You are absolutely right whereby Amadou did not have a choice. However, these Nino Brown "Niggas" do.

>Sure but again- who is going
>to draw that line for
> everybody else. You being
>clear as to where your
>lines are is one thing
>but you cant necessarily be
>clear about everyvbody else's line.
But I AM TALKING about MY OWN personal use of the word. Remember I said that I defined the world in terms of "affordability"

>the saying is- if you're not
>part of the solution you're
>part of the problem. Funny
>how when you're sure you're
>not part of the problem
>this statement is fine but
>when you're in the wrong
>we start talking about ranking.
Touche' Sorta.
But this isn't about right and wrong for me.
I don't think I'm wrong.
If you're not a part of the solution, YOU ARE a part of the problem.
The ranking was put in the place of an even more arbitrary term - right/wrong

You made me smile here. And to think, I didn't think that you "read all of my posts" :D
^Just joking, K. I don't wanna fight with you TODAY :D Maybe tommorrow.

I,I, I Can't Wait!