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Topic subjectI think WE NEED a line
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23774, I think WE NEED a line
Posted by nushooz, Mon Jun-12-00 09:16 AM
>Where can you draw the line?
It seems that you may be suggesting that none of us are in a position to draw lines. Am I right?
>Is it the people who use
>the drugs, the people who
>sell them, the people who
>make them, the people who
>allow them to be imported
>into our community, or YOU
>who pays taxes to the
>guys that import them into
>our community and then locks
>up anybody that buys it
>or sells it?
You have a point here. However, my facet of this discussion is geared toward the people that look like me. My moma never tried to "pull in" - diciplined- the kids down the street until she had pulled us (me & my siblings) in. Me and my brothers and sisters (all of yall) are more accountable to the people like us than we are anybody else. Why? Because our success(es) are inter-related. We have stood on the shoulders of others to obtain those successes. See, I am personally motivated by those strong brothers and sisters that survived slavery, Jim Crow and Segregation. So, I'm not as concerned, right now, about the suppliers, et al. For they can make and supply ALL they want, my brothers and sisters are free to turn them down at any time. But they don't. THESE are the people that I'm referring to.

And by the way....., "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Moreover, "Render onto Ceasar that which is Ceasars." Taxes? How much choice to I have? None. Drug Use? How much choice do I have? ALL. Police doing their job? No control. Being one of those people that they could arrest? ALL the control.

>This society is too convulted and
>corrupt to even think you
>can make arbitray lines as
>to whom we could do
>with out.

I don't think so, K. As arbitrary as those lines maybe to some, the line drawn between responsibility and its antonym are clear to me.

The actions of
>men have been polluted by
>policies of state and vice
>versa. As part of this
>system we are all part
>of the problem- we are
>all guilty- we are all
>niggers (whether thats good or
>bad) until we all aint
>niggers (c Nahymsa).
Good quote. But if you had to rank where we are in the "solution" I don't think that you could rank those "unaffordable" niggas too high.

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