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Topic subjectBut where do you draw the line?
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23773, But where do you draw the line?
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-12-00 05:55 AM
"But I still think that there are some people that we (not just Blacks but as human beings) could do with out - and I mean their actions. "

Where can you draw the line?

Is it the people who use the drugs, the people who sell them, the people who make them, the people who allow them to be imported into our community, or YOU who pays taxes to the guys that import them into our community and then locks up anybody that buys it or sells it?

This society is too convulted and corrupt to even think you can make arbitray lines as to whom we could do with out. The actions of men have been polluted by policies of state and vice versa. As part of this system we are all part of the problem- we are all guilty- we are all niggers (whether thats good or bad) until we all aint niggers (c Nahymsa).