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Topic subjectRE: which stereotypes
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23764, RE: which stereotypes
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-09-00 07:27 AM

>If we're to use a society
>that uses racial classifcations that
>demean us implicitly how will
>we ever live beyond the
>cycle of overcompensating for however
>they see us- they see
>us as less than human
>so we have to somehow
>be more than human to
>make up for it? id
>much rather focus our attentions
>on how we are rather
>than how we should be-
>especially if how they see
>us is going to be
>considered as a standard of

Well, agreed! I'm sick and tired of hearing my elders say to me "now, Shaquan, you have to work twice as hard as the White man and be on your Ps and Qs. Don't ever give them a reason to think that we're stupid people."
That's bullshit! Why should I stop being the whole complex being that I am just because some White people want to use stereotypes against me?