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23763, RE: which stereotypes
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-09-00 06:27 AM
But once we prove that we are capable are we allowed to go about our lives however we see fit? Or do we have to perpetually live beyond that which society presumes we are- is that fair.

I dont understand the idea of considering the image before you allow yourself and others the self determination of living as they see fit. "before I take actionwhat role does image play..?" in a society where that image varies and quite frequently is borne by only a small portion of substantiating evidence- theres no telling what role image plays. it depends on who's seeing that image and what they already think- surely we're not supposed accountable to all that.

If we're to use a society that uses racial classifcations that demean us implicitly how will we ever live beyond the cycle of overcompensating for however they see us- they see us as less than human so we have to somehow be more than human to make up for it? id much rather focus our attentions on how we are rather than how we should be- especially if how they see us is going to be considered as a standard of reference.