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Topic subjectThats some good SHIT!
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23759, Thats some good SHIT!
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-09-00 04:58 AM
>....and we fail to see that
>as a people by using
>the word we not only
>show some degree of acceptance...but
>on some level agree with
>its definition traditional or otherwise...why
>do you think it so
>easily lends itself to negative
>commentary and imagery????

It lends itself to negative commentary and imagery in some contexts but in others it quite simply doesnt. People who use it in any fashion dont necessarily agree with its intended meaning. (just like people who dont boycott the confederate flag- dont necessarily approve of it- right shooz). its definition is one thing and can mean several other things that dont necessarily coincide with the original etymology- just as fag can mean a bundle of sticks, a cigarette or a gay man- do fags on some level agree that they are a bundle of sticks?

> I mean I could
>substitute shit for practically any
>word in the english language....but
>how many positive ways can
>I use it....??

I can think of quite a few- mostly centering around smoking shit and talking shit. But in either case sometimes it IS some good shit- so its not all negative.