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Topic subjectRE: Black was/is a default term...
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23756, RE: Black was/is a default term...
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-12-00 02:39 AM
>When you have no direct connection
>to your homeland, no since
>of your original history and
>culture...what is left?

>Your appearance, that's what.

But we do have a connection to our homeland and a sense of our original history and culture. so whats your point?

>I know that this argument can
>be used and applied to
>"black". Yes, black panthers, yes,
>black power, yes, black is
>beautiful...yes, yes, yes. But I
>don't hear brothers walking around
>like "Whassup, black" as much
>as I do "Whassup, nigga?"

Thats cuz you're talking about a very limited scope of Black people- There are still a great number of people who use Black, some who use Brother, Some use Dun. It may be more prevalent in Hip Hop but Hip Hop isnt nearly representative of all Black people.

>You misunderstand me...I don't give a
>damn what people think about
>our language. My thing is
>that "nigger" or "nigga" has
>a whole lot of shit
>attached to it. I personally
>use "nigga" too much. But
>this is how we are
>identifying ourselves. It seems the
>further time goes along, the
>less like "blacks" we act
>and the more like "niggers"
>we seem.

And since we as Blacks have added a whole lot of other things to the word's meaning where exactly can you draw the line and say being Black and being niggas are mutually exclusive- where do you draw the line and say that being a nigger is bad?

Dont just presume its bad cuz they told you so. Look at the life of a nigga- check the social pressures that mitigate such circumstances. Is it the nigger thats wrong or the system that leaves a nigga very few alternatives?