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Topic subjectbut you get the point Koala....why the argument?
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23751, but you get the point Koala....why the argument?
Posted by nahymsa, Mon Jun-12-00 05:19 AM
Black clearly refers to black characteristics, most prominent of which is skin shade. Whether the culture exists because of the skin or the skin because of the culture is irrelevant.

Obviously we are not literally black skinned people but in comparision to those that aren't literally white skinned people we are. All words are just symbols for intent and the intent is clear....we are the darkest of the mankind group.

There is a difference btwn cultural "blackness" and physical manifestations of blackness..a distinction that does not go unnoticed in a society which is plagued by colorism.

You can not get around the fact that we would not be using the term "black" if we were not dark brown skinned people. Period. Had we been taino/Aztec looking people in the same situation...we would not have called ourselves "black".