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23750, right but...
Posted by guest, Mon Jun-12-00 04:36 AM
To take only a part of what the word references and then conclude that it bears no historical merit or significance beyond the color of our skin is tragically short sited.

In our culture- Black means a whole lot more than the color of our skin- and never meant that in the first place as we are NOT Black skinned people. It is a common misconception that Black refers to our skin color but thats not necessarily the intention of the word- it is also meant to reference our physcial features- which arent necessarily designated by color but by form.

Our hair is naturally Black- but when I say Black hair- do i just mean the color? When i say Black dick (pardon me- but im sure you get my point) or black ass- Im not talking about the color of those items- Im talking about the customary form.

the first inception of the term Black was to counter the term White which also does not refer to skin color- they both refer to presumed categories of race.