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Topic subjectWell, I'll comment
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23742, Well, I'll comment
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-08-00 03:42 PM
y'know, since I'm BLACK and all *YUK YUK YUK YUK!!!!!*

DV, that was a very good analysis of "nigger."
That's very true, all throughout history and our generations of being in America, no other term or classification has stuck with us like "nigger" has.
We were colored, negro, black, Afro-American, African American, nubians, gods, earth, nuwaubian, yada yada yada.
However, we always remembered "nigger".
Whether it's all for the love ("Where my niggas at?!"), or for the dehumanizing ("niggers and flies, which do I despise, niggers or flies?"), it holds a very pivotal and yet subtle catalyst in our lives.

Well, I guess the only conclusion I have is.... just as N.W.A., "I'ma be a nigger fo life."

Everybody, sing with me
"IIIIIIII'ma nigga, she's a nigga, he's a nigga, we all niggas, so wouldn't you like to be a nigga toooooo!"- Easy E. (RIP Eric Wright)