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Topic subjectN-I-G-G-E-R (a case study)
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23740, N-I-G-G-E-R (a case study)
Posted by DivineVersatile, Thu Jun-08-00 11:15 AM
No other word in the english vocabulary can elicit as much emotion. No phrase is deeper ingrained in the Negro consciousness. From 'you my nigga' to 'die niggers'...you can't help but feel it, either for or against.

Uncomfortable when you hear "nigga" in a public place? When your man calls you "his nigga" is it cool? All open for discussion here.

My Humble Theory:

Never in the history of this world has another MASS of people been completely STRIPPED and DISASSOCIATED with its history. As a result, I offer that we as a people are a construct of the American psyche. We have no identity...and "nigger" is the only word we can identify with consistently. Think about it. We've gone from "negro" to "black" to "Afro-American" to "African-American" to "Nubians" etc, etc. The only consistent throught all of these aliases??? "Nigger". The only thing that conjures some sort of historical reference??? "Nigger" Why else would we endear ourselves with such a derogatory name? Maybe because it is the only common thing all of us have...that word...and its various intentions.

Gimme ya thoughts.

The Infamous DVSJ