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Posted by guest, Thu Jun-29-00 10:49 AM
word. yea...i wasn't tryin to disprove any of your contributions. i just wanna push that it's more than a racial or color issue. some of my closest boys try to push only a strong chicano representation. i get on their ass about it too. i'm not callin you out or anything like that. cuz...just as you may know...chicanos were hit pretty damn bad in the past. now...granted it wasn't institutionalized slavery in a technical sense. but stealing of our ancestors land, making many natives into slaves, raping and killing many of the women and children, and evolving to making my people work for a nickel a day...not to mention the ish jobs they were put through all throughout the early 20th century...just isn't coo either. ya know...chicano history is put aside in EVERY classroom and people don't even know there WAS a chicano movement in hand with the many movements thrown down at the same time. i could go on and on about how my people were oppressed just as you can. it's pretty much the same instances...only a lighter shade and a different language. so i feel you on the frustration. but...i can say that it doesn't even need to be racial revolution. it goes into more than that. it about education and spiritualization. check it...in TX, my people will be the majority in 2010. but wtf does that matter if the youth still carry a 40% drop out rate in high school? ya feel? we just gotta push knowledge. ish...i'm sorry...i'm just goin on and on. i'm sure you get my pic. but speakin of education...i got a paper to finish before 6:30. so...i just need to get off these badass boards. it's gonna be hard...but i'll manage...peace and humptiness forever...

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