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23735, RE: Damn,.....welcome to OKp
Posted by guest, Thu Jun-29-00 04:13 AM
>My only problem is that most
>of us "African Americans" (it
>stil doesn't make sense to
>me) can only go back
>as far as slavery whenever
>they are asked to recall
>their past.

I can appreciate your point on that. Although I realize that the spirit of revolution started when the first Arab (sorry to anyone this may offend, but this is our history) tried to oppress our people in Northern Africa, I was just speaking on the terms of the fights that we have faced against America. But you are absolutely right, our history of greatness and resistance doesn't begin on those slaveships and Black people's revolution isn't confined within the boundaries of the US borders.

Thanks for welcoming me to the fam.

I'll holla.