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Posted by guest, Wed Jun-28-00 08:54 PM
yo...word. to both ukaa and maxey7...welcome to the boards. i know i'm not the mediator or any ish like that...but i'ma say "welcome" cuz ya'll are very deserving of it, comin out with some phat ass posts for your first times. props. the only thing i really have to say in response to all the posts is that revolution is more than just an "african american" issue. i'm chicano and i'm makin a strong push here. and i can completely understand frustrations from racial tensions. but...it's not even a "chicano revolution". what people need to realize is a revolution today concerns everyone. for real...there's so much shit out that social issues affect everyone....every race, every culture, every economic group, every being. a revolution shouldn't be for a particular categorized people. a revolution these days represents a spiritual awakening for all. sure...there are issues that touch us differently for each group...but certain issues like WTO, zapatismo, civil rights, pigs, and materialism touch everyone. it isn't just a color issue anymore...it's about education. the only way change will occur is if all are informed. whether black, latino (chicano/ hispanic/ puerto riqueño/ cubano...damn these labels...etc.), white, asian, poor, middle class, or just flat out pissed off...change will occure with knowledge. so keep droppin that info and continue to educate. and i don't mean educate like institutionalized school work...cuz God knows that's where some ignorance develops. but i mean...just spread love and communicate. ya'll remember Mr. Wendal, right? some of the most wise people you'll get to know never finished school. it's about knowledge of self and street wisdom. just drop knowledge on people. cuz it's the only door to empowerment.

move.rwk...also known as mayhem

"...At exactly which point do you start to realize/ That life without knowledge is, death in disguise?/ That's why, Knowledge Of Self is like life after death/ Apply it, to your life, let destiny manifest/ Different day, same confusion, we're gonna take this/ hip-hop shit and keep it movin, shed a little light/ Now y'all bloomin like a flower with the power of the evident/ Voices and drums original instruments/ In the flesh presently presentin my representation..." - mos def

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"mentally I live lavishly/I cherish the heredity/That's preparin me to be a/ REVOLUTIONARY TILL THEY BURY ME" - talib kweli

"and let your light keep shinin and remember the past/ BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, WE'LL BE FREE AT LAST!" - gift of gab

"cuz my street style/ and intelligence level/ make me more than just an angry rebel" - guru

"i just want to innovate and stimulate minds/travel the world and penetrate the times/ESCAPE THROUGH RHYTHMS IN SEARCH OF PEACE AND WISDOM" - common

"can i get a response from all the REVOLUTIONARIES up in this piece?" - talib kweli
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