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Topic subjectDamn,.....welcome to OKp
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23733, Damn,.....welcome to OKp
Posted by guest, Wed Jun-28-00 05:08 PM
That was truly a mouthful (or should I say, a keyboard full).
Everything you said was just about on point.
My only problem is that most of us "African Americans" (it stil doesn't make sense to me) can only go back as far as slavery whenever they are asked to recall their past.

Well, I hope you enjoy yourself in Okayland.
Watch your step, some parts are deep and you might trip up over some lazy bodies.
Don't be disagreeable, but it's okay to disagree.
Have fun, and I hope you learn something.

"See, this means that I should stop fuckin with this OKplayer shit. I need to get out and fly a kite, or grab some fine-ass girl's booty or sumthin."- me (after the boards crashed again)