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Topic subjectWhat Revolution is not...
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23722, What Revolution is not...
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-27-00 06:35 AM
beautiful words, for real. Revolution is not a net to keep all the rocks form falling on your head. Revolution is the day that we start to fight the source of the rocks and it is vanquished. Let us never ocnfuse revolution with reactionism. Defense sells tickets. Offense wins games.

keep ur third eye on the sparrow-common

"flesh is full of holes
It is made to breathe
secrate receive
it is nothing against bombs and bullets
It is not meant to be a barrier against anything
But this dark flesh will resist you
flee you who believe
you are not made of the same skin and bones"--Cherrie Moraga

Who gave u/permission 2 rearrange me?/ certianly not me!--e. badu

Well behaved women rarely make HISstory.