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23721, wow
Posted by unity, Fri Jun-23-00 07:32 PM
thank you SO MUCH for your response!

it's funny, but much of what you said is EXACTLY what i was trying to get at--especially the part about spiritual revolution.

"revolution, in this society and this time period, takes on a completely different message. what does this nation need most?: a change of mainstream thinking and brainwashing. so why not push some sort of spiritual revolution?"

That is what i believe in and using music and the arts to do this is key i believe as well.

"mike ladd and many other poets, including many emcees, are putting the pen to paper because they know our people will listen to music instead of reading books. so why not a musical/knowledge of self revolution?"

YES YES YES!!! WORD! this is what i'm talkin bout! i sometimes wonder why there is not more discussion of this arena of artistic expression and social change on okayplayer, but i have not started m/any threads on this, so i shouldn't complain...

i will definitely email you, but i just wanted to put up here that everyone should take the time to read your reply cuz it's dope.

i would still like to hear thoughts on this issue from more folks too...

"theres' so much tension and hate in the world that the act of love to your neighbor is trully revolutionary...it's all about thinking differently than the mainstream concerns of now. "

you might make me have to add to my signature... ;-)

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth."