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23720, RE: i guess i have my answer...
Posted by guest, Fri Jun-23-00 05:39 PM
unity, think about it. it may seem like a whisper. but the only reason it resembles a whisper...is because there's such a huge amount of effed up gov't actions...that people aren't uniting for one particular cause. not to mention...the numerous hoops you have to get through to even be heard. the gov't has set up huge ass walls for the people to get around that it's almost impossible to make a significant change. the gov't has always been madd dificult for the people...and not just for the minorities or poor. the gov't speaks of democracy...but shit is so hard for any one movement to have an impact. and right now...there are so many problems that it winds up spliting our constituency for a move. in smaller countries...it's easier to revolt because the govt is one large unity with usually one main general problem. so just like in the 60s civil rights movement here...and revolutions in other countries, the people were more able to join hands with one general cause in mind. now granted, the civil rights movement wasn't TOTALLY "revolutionary." but it had it's moments and it had it's particular groups like the black panther party and the brown berets that just so happened to turn militant due to our people being disrespected by the pigs. and that's another concern about a revolution that worries people. this govt is so effen strong and has such huge ass military forces that it would be stupid to try to overturn this entire system. it would just be one huge blood bath with our people losing once again. so people here are taking up different means for change than certain leaders did in the past like che, huey, or even comandante marcos in chiapas today.

revolution, in this society and this time period, takes on a completely different message. what does this nation need most?: a change of mainstream thinking and brainwashing. so why not push some sort of spiritual revolution? mike ladd and many other poets, including many emcees, are putting the pen to paper because they know our people will listen to music instead of reading books. so why not a musical/knowledge of self revolution? many others are pushing for gay rights, for environmental issues, against international banking bullshit, and of course the always fun civil rights movement. and a big push goin on is just a sense of kindness and love. theres' so much tension and hate in the world that the act of love to your neighbor is trully revolutionary. yo..there's alot of shit goin down. it may not all be unified...but somethin IS brewin. maybe it is a whisper. but the key to a possible change in governmental power is to always educate. it's all about thinking differently than the mainstream concerns of now. push your concerns by word of mouth and always drop knowledge. mainstream society in america seems to only be worried with money...but we need to change that by always teaching others. only then, when we have the numbers, will a true "revolution" occur. but until then...allow people to use the term freely. even though it may not still apply to being a militant, shit is gettin changed. slowly but surely...and in with different means all over this country...a revolution is brewin. we just need to educate one another so that it will be easier to unite as one later on down the line. what good would a revolution be now...when all of our people aren't educated. and isn't social concern a revolution in it's own? media, tv, movies, materialism, and propaganda have seemed to put this country into a trance; leaving only a small minority to be concerned about social issues. so isn't activism a form of ethical revolution? we're gonna come up. just give it some time. people are finally realizing that we DO have some sort of play. we just need to get the numbers and systematic support so that our voice is actually heard and represented.

but yo...that's my political platform. you can write me in on the ballot. but of course you should really vote nader. eff bush! eff gore! sorry that shit's so long. it was just flowin off my head. but, unity, i want you to email me. tell me about this ish you're writin for. i wanna hear your views on this. but until then, peace and humptiness forever.


"mentally I live lavishly/I cherish the heredity/That's preparin me to be a/ REVOLUTIONARY TILL THEY BURY ME" - talib kweli

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