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Topic subjectRE: Reformist is not a Revolutionary
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23717, RE: Reformist is not a Revolutionary
Posted by paranoiapalmtree, Tue Jul-04-00 02:13 AM
i have purposely not gone to the site (yet)
i am aware that there are "house niggas" eveywhere (for lack of a better adjective)i would like to think that there is away to turn all of this around see the mind is the most powerful thing we have!....so a man thinketh...so is he!if burgerking sold halal,vegan,kosher...you get mypoint but it is so much deeper then that we live in a system where 85% of the wealth is distributed aong 15% of the people.this economic perversion by the oppression has made the way for a lot of other conflicts.(question)if you could aford to pay everyone 20 times over the poverty level would you do it?...before you answere think ...who would wash old peoples ass for 6.00 an hour who would do all the jobs that poor people do because everyonr would eventualy have the financial means to run there own shit!they couls even over take you position.the system has a heavily thought out plan to maintain power.
to me revolution means responsibility the rastas have asong that goes,"nobody want to plant the corn everybody want to raid the barn.Who are you gonna blame it on when theres a next man you are depending on."if the grocery store should close and the electric company desides to only supply juice to certin zipcodes the way some insurance carriers do with health care what would happen?think mypeople we are being controled by someone we have never seen!and it looks to me like its ok.i cant yell to loudly cause i also am a victim less then some but more then others.if you dont plant corn you shouldnt eat it.globalization is killing us we must take a stand for our liberation...evryonr not just blacks because trust me plenty of babies dont eat!!!!its not about black or white its about rich and poor!!we need to take responsibility for our selves!!!

di ank djeed!